With rapid innovations in technology, the infrastructure needs of a business have become dynamic. We partner with OEMs and other partners to design infrastructure that is relevant for future needs and extend the usage of your current investments.

Our expertise is in the following areas:
Enterprise storage design and administration - our experienced consultants gather your current and future business requirements and design robust high performance storage systems (SAN,NAS,&DAS) for your demanding IT applications. 
Diverse storage protocols - We have delivered solutions diverse storage protocols FC, iSCSI, FCoE, FCIP, NFS, CIFS, etc.
Storage Migration & Remediation - Our team of experts have successfully migrated several petabytes of SAN and NAS storage between different OEM platforms (EMC, NetApp, 3PAR, Hitachi, IBM). Also, we improve your storage environment by identifying performance and supportability issues and design a remediation path and execute it.
Integration of Virtualization (VMware) and storage platforms for rapid provisioning of virtual machines with autmoated backup and disaster recovery process.
SAN performance tuning and remediation - Our experts have successfully tuned and remediated under performing SAN infrastructure. We have designed and executed enterprise SAN fabrics with several thousand ports with minimal or no downtime for applications. 

Our value proposition:
Our experts work with you on site to gather requirements, design and execute projects.
Our project managers identify risks, timelines, resources for successful delivery and stay on top till completed.
We train your staff for making the best use of your investments and simplify management and administration of your storage and virtual infrastructure.